How to Apply to Study in Germany

Learn More About Applying to Study in Germany and Visa Requirements

Apply for Studienkolleg (Prep Course)

Some universities require that you complete a foundation course in Germany and pass an exam before you can enroll at the university.

Apply for Language Course

German language proficiency is a requirement for some programmes in Germany. You can do an intensive German language course in Germany.

Apply for Bachelor's Degree

Applying to study at the Bachelor's level in Germany might look like a complicated process to you, but it's not. Find our all the steps you need to go through in this guide.

Apply for Master's Degree

The majority of international students study at the Master's level in Germany. Here is everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide.

Apply for PhD Degree

Germany is one of the best destinations for research and to get your PhD degree. Learn more about getting an advanced degree in Germany.

Germany Student Visa

Getting your student visa is an important step in your journey to studying in Germany. Read more about the type of visas, resident permits, and application procedures.